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Bộ nguồn phụ 24VDC/6A NITTAN NFU-PS-10A

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Mã số:13235980
Bộ nguồn phụ 24VDC/6A NITTAN NFU-PS-10A

Bộ nguồn phụ 24VDC/6A NITTAN NFU-PS-10A

- Nittan’s NFU-PS-10A is an Auxiliary Power Supply/NAC Expander that works with listed SPERA series fire alarm control panels. Available in a 10Amp configuration, the NFU-PS-10A can extend the power capabilities of existing notification appliance circuits as well as provide power for other ancillary devices. In addition, the NFU-PS-10A has the ability to operate with any UL Listed conventional 24 VDC fire alarm control panel to provide Notification Appliance Circuit expansion.

- 10 Amp output.

- 120/ 240V operation.

- Works with listed SPERA Series Fire Alarm Control Panels.

- Easily configured using DIP switches.

- One isolated input from the host panel.

- Five Class B (Style Y) or Class A (Style Z) synchronized output circuits.

- DC regulated outputs.

- Configurable AC Power fail delay.

- Ground fault enable or disable.

- Option available on configuration to enable or disable the battery charger on activation.

- Outputs individually controllable.

- Separate Relay for Ground Fault and Common Trouble available on terminals.

- Horn/Strobe synchronization protocols.

- Two-wire horn/strobe Sync Mode allows audible notification appliances (horns) to be silenced while visual notification appliances (strobes) continue to operate.

- Audible signals may be configured for Steady, Temporal Code, California Code and March Time.

- Output circuits four and five can be configured to provide auxiliary power for four-wire detectors or door holders.

- Output fault notification to fire alarm control panel.

- Ability to sync outputs for multiple NFU-PS-10A units.

- 2.5 Amp max. current per output.

- 1.7 Amp auxiliary power output.

- Built-in charger for sealed lead acid or gel type batteries.

- Unit includes power supply, charger, red door, black backbox, transformer and battery leads.

- Compatible with any UL listed 24VDC conventional fire alarm control panel to provide Notification Appliance Circuit expansion.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model  NFU-PS-10A
Dimensions 20-inch H x 14½-inch W x 4½-inch D
AC Line Voltage 120V 60 Hz/ 240V 50 Hz, 2 Amps/ 1 Amp (primary)
NAC Circuits 24 VDC regulated, Power Limited
10 A Total, 2.5 A maximum per circuit
Battery 24 VDC, Gel-Cell/Sealed Lead-Acid
Charging Capability Up to 40 AH batteries
Current Consumption From NFU-PS-10A Power Supply    Standby: 200 mA
                                                   Alarm: 350 mA
Common Indicators Power On
Common Trouble
Battery Charger/Trouble
CPU Fail
Trouble LEDs Auxiliary Output Trouble
Synchronized Output Trouble
Ground Fault Trouble
Other LEDs Synchronized Input Indicators (2 LEDs)
Synchronized Output Indicators (2 LEDs)
Trouble LED Indicator
Alarm Relay Indicator
Controls Acknowledge Button
Configuration DIP Switches

- Bảo hành: 12 tháng.

Giá: 16.900.000 VND

Số lượng :

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