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1000Base-SX Ethernet SFP Transceiver DELL 42DEN407-BBOR

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Mã số:04560657
1000Base-SX Ethernet SFP Transceiver DELL 42DEN407-BBOR

1000Base-SX Ethernet SFP Transceiver DELL 42DEN407-BBOR

- The Dell SFP networking transceiver delivers fiber connectivity to extend the range of your network. This hot-pluggable networking transceiver with SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) footprint features a duplex LC connector. The Dell networking 1000BASE-SX SFP networking transceiver provides 1GbE connectivity up to 550m.

- Additionally, it provides a unique enhanced digital diagnostic monitoring interface, which allows real-time access to device operating parameters such as networking transceiver temperature, laser bias current, transmitted optical power, received optical power, and networking transceiver supply voltage.

Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Device Type SFP (mini-GBIC) transceiver module
Form Factor Plug-in module
Connectivity Technology Wired
Cabling Type 1000Base-SX
Data Link Protocol GigE
Data Transfer Rate 1 Gbps
Optical Wave Length 850 nm
Max Transfer Distance 1800 ft
Interfaces 1 x Ethernet 1000Base-SX
Compatibility Information
Designed For Force10; Force10 ExaScale E-Series; Networking C1048, C7004, C7008, C9010, N2024, N2048, N3024, N3048, N4032, N4064, S3048, S4810, S5000, S6000, S6010, X1008, X1018, X4012; PowerConnect 55XX, 62XX, 70XX, 8024, M8024; PowerEdge FX2, VRTX, VRTX M520, VRTX M620; Networking N3132, S4048, X1026, X1052
Giá: 1.752.000 VND (Đã bao gồm VAT)

1000Base-SX Ethernet SFP Transceiver DELL 42DEN407-BBOR
Tặng ngay 100.000 đồng

Số lượng :

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