Gas Detector NITTAN KP-35D

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Gas Detector NITTAN KP-35D

Gas Detector NITTAN KP-35D

- The KP-35D is a 24VDC powered gas detector of combustible, liquefied petroleum gases (LPG) such as propane and butane, which are heavier than air. This detector is used with the KM-35B dedicated base in order to mount on the wall and an electrical junction box.

- Gas Detector of LP gases.

- Catalytic combustion type gas sensor.

- Temperature compensation element reduces false alarms.

- 3-level voltage outputs for Alarm, Trouble and Normal indications.

- Self-restoring from alarm status.

- Input terminal for remote testing.

- Surge protection circuit.

- Sensor drift detection circuit.

- 24 VDC Power Supply.

Thông số kỹ thuật

Model  KP-35D
Approval Number GP3VBD (Approved by The High Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan)
Detection Principle Catalytic Combustion
Target Gas Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG, Propane)
Alarm Concentration 1/100 to 1/4 of Lower Explosive Limit (LEL)
Alarm Notification Green LED: Power
Red LED: Alarm
Buzzer: Alarm (automatically restorable)
Startup Time 40 sec. (Red LED On)
Rated Voltage 24 VDC
Operating Voltage 17 VDC to 35 VDC
Power Consumption Normal: Approx. 0.8W
Alarm: Approx. 1.0W
Output Voltage (Range) Normal: 6 V (5V - 6V)
Alarm: 12 V (12V - 15V)
Trouble: 0 V
Operating Temperature -10℃ to +40℃
Relative Humidity 85% RH and less
Body Material Flame retardant resin
Weight 140 g (without Base) 
Mounting Base KM-35B wall-mount base (optional)
Accessory Test gas x 1 pc

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