Đèn báo cháy địa chỉ BOSCH FNS-420-R

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Đèn báo cháy địa chỉ BOSCH FNS-420-R

Đèn báo cháy địa chỉ BOSCH FNS-420-R

- The FNS‑420‑R LSN Strobe is an optical signaling device and can be connected exclusively to the fire panels FPA‑5000 and FPA‑1200.


- The LSN Strobe can only be used with the FNM‑420‑A‑BS Base Sounders or the MSS 400 LSN and the MSS 401 LSN Detector Base Sounders providing a combination of visual and acoustic signaling. Mounted on the MS 400 Detector Base, the FNS‑420‑R can be used as a strobe without acoustic signaling.

- Both applications are easily integrated into an existing Local SecurityNetwork (LSN).

Đặc tính kỹ thuật

Model  FNS-420-R
Operating voltage 28 VDC (15 to 33 V DC)
Current consumption 0.5 to 6.55 mA
Light intensity > 2 cd
Dimension (H x W) 40 x 99.5 mm
Weight 67g
Material PC, ABS (UL94 V‑2)
Environmental conditions
Operating temperature -20 °C to 60 °C
Protection class as per EN 60529 IP 42

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